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Hello fans and friends, new and old!  We welcome you and trust that you will find the information here entertaining and inspiring. Lady "J" Huston is a multi-talented entertainer.  Accomplished as a singer, songwriter, musician and recording artist, she has performed on many stages across the country, appearing on television & radio internationally, in news print & other media.

Lady "J" Huston Benefit & Farewell  

We hope to see you at the benefit but if you are unable to attend, your donation via Paypal will be deeply appreciated.

Lady “J” Huston is dealing with one of the biggest health setbacks of her life.  Due to being hospitalized twice, and in a rehabilitation center, it has made the other illnesses she lives with, primarily Lupus, extremely difficult to handle.  To that end and advice from her doctors to seek higher level research medical care outside of Las Vegas, she has decided to move back to her hometown of St. Louis, MO.  She will have the support of family there who will be able to help assist her as she strives for recovery.

In light of this transition, the E-String Bar & Grill has graciously offered to host a benefit on her behalf to assist with medical and moving expenses.

Highlights (also covered in the Las Vegas Informer online magazine by Debbie Hall):

  • AJ’s Music owner, Peter Trauth, will donate a brand new Fender Stratocaster Guitar for the top door prize.  We will also have a Chinese raffle.  Tax deductible donations will be provided courtesy of the Colors of Lupus Nevada (COLN) organization.
  • Lady “J” Huston & The Fireballs and manager, “Z” Lipsky will be inducted into the Entertainment Consumer’s Exchange (ECE) Entertainment Hall of Fame the night of the event.
  • Lady J is currently featured in the November 2013 issue of Black Image Magazine speaking on her journey with Lupus.
Las Vegas Black Image Magazine
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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Originating from St. Louis, MO, as a child she performed in many venues as a modern dancer with her mother, Loyce Huston.  As a teenager, she got her first taste of fame as the vocalist with Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer, Johnnie Johnson (a/k/a Father of Rock 'n Roll piano) who was Chuck Berry's original pianist and who the song "Johnny B. Good" was written in honor of.

Albert KingLady J's next big break came at the age of 18 when she toured with the legendary Blues Hall of Famer, Albert "Blues Boy" King band for several years [more].   On May 18, 2013 HBO airec the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony where Albert King was inducted.

Lady J was hired as a Trumpeter and eventually moved up the ranks as horn section leader, then Music Director as well as Opening Act.  Being the only female in an all male band was most interesting.  Lady J was performing amongst stars such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Etta James, Millie Jackson, Bo Didley and many other blues legends. Lady J performed with Albert King on the only known fully televised performance featuring him on the Maintenance Shop Blues PBS special.

ABC World News with Diane SawyerLady J appeared on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer on March 28. You can view the episode at:
- Preview at opening and segment at 11:34

You can read more about this news cast and post your comments on health care advocate's, Michelle Katz, blog at:

If you would like to volunteer or help in any way with Lady J’s advocacy with the Colors of Lupus Nevada 501(c)3 organization, please contact Hui-Lim Ang, Executive Director at



Lady "J" Huston - Las Vegas Queen of the Blues

    2013 ECE Best Blues Band Award

    Band Members: Glenn Hamann (Guitar), Willie Fisher (Drums), Darrell Craig Harris (Bass), Russell Burt (Saxophones), Lady "J" Huston (Vocalist/Trumpeter), Mike Hepner (Keys), Steve Scheck (Tombone). Not pictured: Derek "Baby D" Galbreith (Bass) & Z. Lipsky, Manager

    Now 5 Years in a Row! - 2013 Honors Award for "Best Blues Band" from the Entertainment Consumers’ Exchange, Inc. (ECE)., a fan based organization.

    2012 "Best Blues Performer" awarded from the Las Vegas Black Music Association (BMA).

    2011 Honors Award for "Best Blues Performer" from the ECE.

    2010 "Best Blues Band" award from the BMAs.

    2009 "Best Blues Performer" award from the BMAs.

    • Lady "J" Huston, Trumpeter/VocalistDuring her college pursuits, she attended the University of Kansas and Howard University with music and academic scholarships, and eventually graduated from the University of Redlands, CA earning a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree.
    • Lady J now resides in Las Vegas, NV where she continues to perform as a headliner, in festivals, clubs, with her band (Lady "J" Huston & The Fireballs) and continues to record and compose original songs.  She is managed by "Z." Lipsky who is a notable and legendary writer, director, Official Blues Ambassador and highly respected representative to many talented artists.
    • Advocacy: Cox TV show & hostess, "On the Go ... with Amie Jo", filmed the band at the Texas Station in support of Lady J's advocacy for Lupus, Fibromyalgia and individuals with disabilities. Lupus predominately affects women of color, especially African Americans. It can be debilitating or worse. More research and awareness is needed to find a cure, genetic links, earlier diagnoses & better treament options. The show aired on COX Cable - Channel 128 (CBS Digital). Lady J continues to provide support to these cause with speaking engagements and performances.
    • This photo album shows what the power of music can do. Gifted painter, Alisa, whose Lupus almost took her life just a few weeks earlier, barely made it to the 2010 World Lupus Day event. During Lady J's performance, she suddenly appeared beside her, began dancing & was quite intrigued by the show & the trumpet. Those aware of Alisa's struggles wept in delight to see her escape into joy for if only a few moments.

In the News:

    **ROCK OVER AMERICA Covers Lady "J" Huston & The Fireballs opening act performance with Guitar Shorty in Las Vegas at the Railhead Showroom, Boulder Station.***

    Henderson Press Hot Spot of the WeekHenderson Press, Hot Spot of the Week selected performance at Lake Las Vegas which drew over 1,500 people in attendance!





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